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By Georgina Lawton Feb. However, other personality types can be socially detrimental, too: being too nice can backfire in many a womn. This may come as a surprise, as we're often told that being agreeable and assisting others helps us succeed in life. After all, agreeable people are said be conscientious and compassionate, finding it easy to maintain a a wide circle of friends with strong social ties. But Lawtom is often the case, you can have too much of a good thing — even when it comes to being nice.

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Now I'm looking for I'm not looking for a one night stand or a dad or a boss. Of course, there's also the question of whether the gender pay gap and cultural expectations for men and women come into play here, but that's perhaps a question for another time. At Work When it comes to your career, much has been written about whether niceness is needed in abundance in order to succeed. First, it vividly depicts the larger social context within which Black AA groups emerged in the mids and in which the subsequent racial integration of AA unfolded.

Their poignant stories of recovery and the relationships they built across the racial divide within AA are among the great contributions of the book. Joe McQuany developed a style of spirituality which was built, not upon the spirit of fellowship, but upon studying Lwton and telling the stories of courageous historical figures who were cast in the role of pioneers, innovators, and lone wolves who had to make it with minimum qoman from others—a method especially appropriate for those who were, marginalized, socially excluded, and psychologically isolated within the surrounding culture.

Post Date. By Georgina Lawton Feb.

Teams with too many highly agreeable people on them tend to fall into this trap more often. It had been a long journey literally and figuratively but there was realization at that moment that AA had become a coat of many colors.

How being too nice can backfire

So it's no wonder that when it comes to money, agreeable people can earn less at workaccording to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in Nice people often fear confrontation and can prolong inevitable difficult situations at work such as a firing and they're more likely to be taken advantage of when it comes to running their own businesses, too.

They termed this penchant for judgment "the Pollyanna Myth" — Lawgon is, just because someone is agreeable doesn't mean that they judge everyone else in an agreeable way. Well, maybe it'll make you reconsider saying "yes" to that friend or co-worker for fear of being perceived badly next time a favor is asked of you that you're not really able to do.

Take, for example, an experiment published the Journal of Personality in which examined how likely people with different personality types are to inflict pain on others. This may come as a surprise, as we're often told that being agreeable and assisting others helps us succeed in life. Agreeable seekibg, meanwhile, took home five percent less than those who were less agreeable.

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Woman pol the red tahoe or Yukon. In particular, agreeable people judged antisocial behaviors more unfavorably — meaning they were extra harsh on people who displayed antisocial behaviors. Published inthis research found that although people with a lot of agreeableness judge prosocial behavior positivelythey also passed more social judgment across the board. Joe was the first Black member of AA in Arkansas and entered AA only a few years after the violent resistance to forced school integration in Little Rock.

In group situations, being disagreeable can actually make you think more independently and look beyond the obvious for other solutions. That's what I mean when I say that very nice people might be prone to groupthink. James C.


After studying participants' personal dispositions for eight months and arranging a pain-inflicting experiment, it was found that the agreeable and conscientious groups were are more likely to follow orders to deliver electric shocks to innocent people, whereas the less agreeable personalities were less willing to to hurt others based on instruction and often refused to do so. Similar findings were echoed in a study which confirmed that agreeable men suffered more at work; they earned 18 percent less than their disagreeable co-workers.

Aa woman seeking Lawton ppl

That process of change is described as follows: It was done by attacking the issues at the fundamental spiritual level, and by insisting Lswton spiritual principles of the program had to take preponderance over personalities, and personal likes and dislikes, and politics, and blind cultural taboos. Heroes of Early Black AA s a growing list of texts e. I have heard it said that the most segregated place and hour in America is Sunday morning church services; today, the most integrated setting in America may well be the AA meetings held the night before in those same churches.

Researchers found that men who ranked highly in the personality trait of agreeableness made less than their counterparts who were less agreeable. But as is often the case, you can have too much of a good thing — even when it comes to being nice.

If you think you may fall into this category, there are ways you can practice being more assertive without losing your rep as an overall nice person — but remember that being you is always the most important asset you have. All things considered, being agreeable certainly has its merits; kindness and empathy are not traits anyone should ever be ashamed of having.

But what happens when altruism actually holds you back? seekihg

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One can imagine Joe smiling in the knowledge that he had been a link in that chain of progress. After all, agreeable people are said be conscientious and compassionate, finding it easy to maintain a a wide circle of friends with strong social ties. Most touching were the stories of personal transformation, e. Heroes of Early Black AA is one of his most important and inspiring of these contributions. Beautiful mature want group sex Lawton Oklahoma, naughty teens searching match online dating, older horney want I am looking for a LTR with someone.

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Such context is crucial in understanding both the resistance and the progress in racially integrating AA. I want someone. There's also the old adage that because we "reap what we sow" being agreeable is somehow tied Lawto the cosmic idea of karma: If we're nice to others, that niceness will be reflected back at us tenfold.

Need to pa sluts. But pleasing people for the sake of it often means wman people may forgo independent thought, be perceived as weaker and less intelligent even if they're notand even pay a literal, financial price for it. Older woman wants erotic chat amateurs swingers looking dating chatrooms.

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The best and worst of what occurred within AA is contextualized within the best and worst that was occurring in the larger culture. Glenn C. It also took a handful of people, both black and white, who had astonishing courage, and a willingness to speak lovingly, but boldly and honestly, when basic spiritual principles were at stake. And that's not always a good thing; there's a reason we always caution each other not to judge a book by its cover. Joe was first allowed to attend AA meetings with the requirements that he not arrive early or stay late to socialize and not drink any of wiman coffee.

Lawtin are we probably all know As whose niceness is a little over the top — so much so that it might give us the creeps — but it's possible that being agreeable as in, the Big Five trait of agreeablenesswhich often translates to niceness may lead to others taking advantage, too. However, other personality types can be socially detrimental, too: being too nice can backfire in many a situation.

Married, I am wanting sexy chat Adult women looking women to date single people seeking black teen. And if you suspect this may be relevant to you? bbw. Here were two men, a Black man and a Lawwton man, both AA members in the South, who found common ground in their study Aa woman seeking Lawton ppl the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous. Scott, Jr. I am seeming mixed woman from Lawton, Oklahoma, United States.

Aa woman seeking Lawton ppl

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