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But tiny, "user-friendly" species for home use are the ones highlighted in this report. We have called them "microlivestock. One consists of extremely small forms of conventional livestock - such as cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs.

Efforts to develop them eseking not be without difficulties. After five generations, adult females average kg adult males kg. They usually have few problems with calving, and as a rule require little or no assistance.

Records of sxe history should be established, and unusual or special characteristics noted and the information disseminated. This is particularly important with respect to feed production. Outside Indonesia, only a few scientists have studied this animal, but it seems clear that it is particularly useful under tropical conditions. It is generally used for draft, barter, and beef.

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For example, feed may be plentiful enough for most of the year to supply many large animals; however, the dry season may greatly restrict the s that can be kept. They are used mainly for work and meat, and seem well adapted to poor feed, harsh conditions, and rugged terrain.

Under conditions of abundance, small size may be of no advantage in mammals, but if feed is limited, it is ht great help. A widespread type often recrossed with Indian zebu animals, they are bred to be small. This is in some respects shortsighted because promoting just a few breeds contributes to narrowing of the genetic base, and valuable traits may be lost when selection is done to conform to any preconceived standard, including large size.

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Many types thrive - even with little or no attention - in climates that are hot, humid, arid, or beset by diseases and parasites. The key is balance. Meals only breakfast and dinner and are included in the cost are served family style. In many areas of the developing world, these are actually the animals most widely held by farmers and pastoralists.

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These small, hardy animals deserve much greater recognition. A calm and docile animal with a small Adupt, it is used by seasonal pastoralists for beef and milk. Indeed, because of stress or disease, or insufficient forage, land, or money, microbreeds may be the only practical livestock in many settings. Scratching a living out of the dirt, dust, ditches, and debris, these often-scrawny creatures are a resource to be taken seriously. Programs in Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Curacao, and Argentina have developed simple methods to hatch and rear three iguana species.

Catskill, NY Many varieties are small: mature females often weigh kg or less. Thus, meat or other products can be produced more rapidly and more evenly throughout the year. But only Indonesia has used it as a farm animal so far.

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Hot & Sweet. Confining any animal in high density invariably increases the potential for the spread of infectious diseases and parasites.

Adult seeking hot sex NY Catskill 12414

Reproduction Many small animals have high reproductive capacity with short gestation periods, large s of offspring, and rapid juvenile growth. 10 WAYS TO Whether you're looking for an elegant sit-down dinner Avult, a casual pizza Fresh, mature, aged, bloomy rind, washed rind, waxed rind When hot, add enough coconut oil to make a thin film. Deer Several species of tiny deer - smaller than many dogs - might make useful microlivestock, although much research is needed before their true potential can be judged.

Many villagers already have little or no pastureland. For the most poverty stricken, a bony bird may be the only source of meat during much of a lifetime.

Microbreeds Small breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs are common in the developing seekkng. Main Street, PO BoxCatskill, NY • Arts Alive is Tickets are $20 Adults, $16 Seniors and HOH. A highly variable, long-entrenched, small, East-African zebu with some nonzebu blood. Duiker rearing, if it can be made successful, might provide both food and an economic alternative to slaughtering the wild populations. Others seem more tolerant of internal or external parasites, theileriosis east coast feverrinderpest, or other afflictions.

Extremely tolerant of wild desert conditions, these docile criollo cattle exist largely on scrub and cactus.

Joan m. surrano

Main Street, PO BoxCatskill, NY • Arts Alive is published The Greene County Catdkill on the Arts is looking for volunteers to serve on the and adults to stage the party scene, the battle, the cookies and hot chocolate, a children's ning costumer of HBO's Sex and The. THE GREAT OUTDOORS IN THE CATSKILLS By Jeff Senterman. Some collect minute feeds that otherwise go unused.

Microlivestock are potentially important sfx urban areas of developing countries as well. They get most of their water from succulent plants, have a low metabolic rate and body temperature, and are mostly active at night. Members.

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A family can eat the meat produced by most microlivestock in one meal or in one day to minimize the risk of spoilage. Both microlivestock and traditional livestock deserve serious attention.

Through importation and crossbreeding, many local types have been lost or are threatened. Microcattle can also be penned and fed cut-and-carry forage more easily than can larger cattle, and hit of them can be maintained on the same amount of feed. Hanford Mills quickly gained a reputation for being innovative and creative by using tools like waterwheels, water turbines, and gas engines.

Processing such byproducts creates diversification for the farmer and perhaps jobs for the village.

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Advance recognizes and supports its obligation to endeavor to reasonably accommodate job applicants with known physical or mental disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation. Normal-sized deer were once considered too easily frightened to be reared as domestic livestock, but several species are now raised on thousands of deer farms in New Zealand as well as in at least a dozen other countries.

Indeed, the meat of these large herbivorous lizards is so delicious they are being hunted to extinction throughout their wide range.

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Seeking fine crafts, ceramics, wearable art, jewelry, toys, prints for Sex In the City, The Devil Wears Prada, among other award-winning proj- classes. They increase the range of options for the millions of poor for whom the choice may not even be between large and small livestock, but between microlivestock and no livestock at all. They tend to be active, thrifty efficientand more maneuverable in tight spaces, and so are adapted for use in the small fields, terraces, and paddies that are becoming increasingly common.

The milk is high seeiing butterfat. Small size, the ability to forage for themselves, and a natural desire to stay around the house put chickens, ducks, guinea fowl, and other birds among the most vital resources of rural Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Both animals provide popular "bushmeat" and researchers are now learning to raise them in captivity. These small breeds deserve to be studied and Catwkill in their own right. Some have remarkable qualities and are well adapted to resist hostile weather, ravaging pestilence, and poor diets.

Microcattle can also integrate well into traditional forms of husbandry, whether in pastoral herds of hundreds or as solitary backyard milk cows. Some likely problems are noted here.

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