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We and the Girls of Thailand Why I never married a thai I like Thailand and the people; I also don't buy into the idea that Thai men are no good, that they are poor husbands, or that they don't care about freibd wives and families. The vast majority of married Thai men I've known care deeply about their wives and families, and would never allow themselves to be distracted by a female to the detriment of their family, unlike many, many Westerners. Also note that my familiarity with the country is NOT based on the nightlife of the country. I had lived in hvae country for over three years before I ever had a drink at a bar in a farang nightlife area, and while I've met many Thai women over the years, before I had talked to less than 5 women who to my knowledge had ever worked in the sex industry.

Several years ago, I remember reading an article written by a prominent Thai businessman who addressed this issue.

They quickly transform themselves into rather needy and demanding high maintenance women, who don't think they are much of a burden on anyone, or at least think they can smile and connive their way into getting what they want. I discovered this when I would return unannounced to find some things gone and he would tell me that they were at his office, etc.

Love to have a thai freind

Some of you may say well I know that my sweetie doesn't measure up to my criteria for the initial factors, but she is wild in the sack and that this expertise makes up for her shortcomings in other areas. This is something that I don't understand, why wouldn't a husband be interested in learning his wife's native language?

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While working on a graduate degree at a well-known university on the U. I believe that honesty and compromise are integral to any long-term relationship, although I also need intellectual curiosity and basic integrity, which are two of the most rare traits in Thailand.

Why would any gold-digger want to waste her time dealing with someone who understands her culture and what she is saying or writing when there is a 'lonely-sex crazed' idiot just down frejnd next block who can be easily misled and who will give into just about any request? Unfortunately, once most women are married and certainly after they have children, the amount of sex diminishes and by the time the kids are in their teens or the wife is in her 40s, Thai women tend to see sexual relations as either demeaning or at least a vreind, very low priority.

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It seems to be accepted among Thai women that at a certain age, they will not be having sex with their husband, but that to keep the husband satisfied, he can go play around a bit, so long as he remembers that she is the 'mia luang' major wifei. While I thought this might be a bit of an overgeneralization, he did have a point. It can be a real kick for both parties.

Perhaps this is an area where having a Thai wife is an advantage because even if she is no longer interested in having sex with you, she does care about her husband enough to try and keep him sexually satisfied, as long as the family her 'resources' are not compromised. OK, so we can speak English in Thailand so you can practice, but if we are in Thailand all the time, when do I get a chance to speak English?

Thailand is way ahead of the West in some ways.

+ easy but useful thai phrases and words

A chorus of expletives was heard, aimed at the prime minister. In spite of all the movies he saw and the music he listened to, he never bothered to find out much about either the directors of the movies, his favorite bands, or the evolution of the music he liked. Note that I am not saying that the practices noted below are not found in western culture, they are, but they are far more prevalent in Thai society and to a degree that I have found to be incompatible with my interests in a spouse.

Why are some of you [idiots by many of my Thai friends perceptions] still giving money to your in-laws? Of course, she the same person who couldn't adequately express her 'love' for me explained that my income was for the 'family', for the kids, and for her parents, and that if she made any money it was hers.

What to buy in thailand - 18 best souvenirs to get on your next trip

Sorry but my gal will have to do MUCH better than this. The social and cultural ties to tl food and drinks are so strong that standing alone in a bar is like waving a. She taught me a lot about sex and many other things, and surprisingly, I started thinking about a life with her. 9, Views · How do Thais. While I've known many Thais, I can't say that I trust any of them implicitly, which is not necessarily a condemnation of Thais, as there are very few westerners I've met who I would trust implicitly either.

In three years I knew her, she had three separate boyfriends. Yes, I have many local friends in Thailand. While feind attractive and well proportioned, she might seem at first glance to be every western male's dream faen, but most men are very surprised at how bright, outspoken, quick witted and quick tempered she is.

Thai people are very kind What is life like in Thailand as an expat? I asked why this was the case and how much they expected creind their other children? He never once frdind if his friends could use these things, and he knew that I wouldn't have wanted them to, but as long as I was away and wasn't using them, I guess he felt it was alright to lend them to others.

Many Thai women in this situation usually like to begin by saying how difficult it was to live with the person because he was so much older, or because the culture was so much different than hers, or that she had to do some unsatisfactory thing in the marriage like keeping house, cooking, cleaning, while she thought that the husband should have someone else to do those mundane chores. These experiences have allowed me to meet many wonderful Thais for which I am very grateful.

Love to have a thai freind

A few tried resisting, and were arrested. So where does my Thai 'faen' get her wild ideas about marrying 'rich' farang?

Where do thai people go on holiday?

That is NOT the case in the traditional Thai family. Som nam naa [serves him right!

Thais usually can't even understand this argument, and sadly, an increasing proportion of westerners can't either. How many times does she have to ask before you give in?

Love to have a thai freind

It had until now been notionally held in trust for the benefit of the people. I think one of the major concerns any Westerner should have when marrying a Thai is to determine why she is marrying you, love, economic gain, no other options, etc. Am I unreasonable?

Families should have pensions or retirement income from work or savings to cover most of these costs, or equity in their houses, which they often uave to sell, either to pay for care of the elderly or in order to lower their financial assets so that the government will provide increased financial assistance. They didn't own a car, and as any old timer in Bangkok can tell you, traffic was thaj in the city and most people could easily get by without one, especially if you didn't have to commute to work.

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These women have to compete against the unscrupulous male idiots and female gold-diggers ; and for a farang who doesn't know Thai or Thai culture, this is a problem. Make a friend in Thailand's Leading dating site ➤ www.associazionebrio.eu on this dating website and find true love or simply just make Thai friends here in Thailand. I would be happy to try and learn her Thai system of logic and use that, but I have yet to meet a Thai who can explain their system of logic to me in a way I can understand as a philosophy that seeks consistent reliable outcomes.

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