Ponce and true love


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Douglas T. Peck Juan Ponce de Leon was the first Spanish explorer to courageously venture forth from the well known and charted Caribbean Spanish Main discovered by Columbus. His epic seven months long exploration voyage into unknown waters in which he discovered La Florida set the stage for the European colonization of North-America. Juan Ponce lost some of his extensive land holdings in the legal intrigues attendant with loss of the office of governor, but he still retained the influential office of Captain-General and the wealth from several large plantations with ased slaves and other valuable assets in houses and ships.

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Another overlooked and unreported, but ificant factor is that Juan Ponce took his mistress, Juana Jimenez, along on the voyage Peck ; Gary Shteyngart is known for his biting satire and smart dialogue, especially in his … If there is a sadder love story than Atonement, we have yet to hear about it. He returned home strengthened and with his manhood renewed, for he married again and had sons.

Beforethe historians most often cited as authorities on the subject Scisco ; Davis ; Lawson ; Olschki carried Ponce de Leon in his 50's which lent a false credence to his alleged search for a fountain of youth. "True love can wait". The most commonly accepted figure continued after the map Figure 4 1 March 3 - Departed "Punta Aguada" Puerto Rico on grue heading of northwest by north.

Ponce and true love

LXXXI, 2,pp. Add to Watchlist.

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This movement of the Indians did occur, but it could hardly be called a planned "migration" as these were Indian slaves who had escaped from the inhumane and harsh treatment of their Ponec overlords in Espanola or Cuba and were given refuge in south Florida by the Calusa Indians! Super Sad True Love Story is now available in paperback.

The myth of the fountain of youth appears to have originated solely in the Arabic lands of the Middle-East, as the Christian Bible and the early Greek and Roman literature contains no reference to such a magical fountain. Herrera is the source of the erroneous idea that the river was named for a crew member lost while exploring the river Herrera III, His fleet consisted of two caravels, xnd provisioned for a long voyage, and one small bergantina for exploring shallow inlets and harbors Figure qnd.

This impressive and expensive expedition was entirely financed by Ponce de Leon as he expected the goal of becoming the Adelantado of a wealthy new land would fully repay his efforts and investment. In his seven months long voyage through the Bahamas with Indian guides, Ponce de Leon identified twelve islands, none of which bore the name of Boinca, Boyuca, or Ananeo, the islands named by Martyr as the location of the fountain of youth.

See how old ture bent we are? The Patent or Charter from Ferdinand gave Ponce de Leon permission to seek and claim the new wealthy island, or lands, of Beniny later Beimeni at his own expense and be named Adelantado of those lands he conquered, and receive the honor and wealth from his successful ventures.

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In the s of this extensive preparation there is no mention of the existence or interest in a fountain of youth. Dominant Woman Seeking Seniors Dating Nice Clean Respectful Male Here Looking For Nsa Partner. However, Fontaneda as a loyal Spanish subject and Herrera who quoted him could hardly be expected to give this true reason for the "migration" so it has become one Ponce and true love invalid report to support the false Ponce de Leon-fountain of youth legend.

Herrera describes it thus: "Juan Ponce de Leon finding himself without public office, because of those of the island of San Juan having been restored to, Juan Ceron and Miguel Diaz: and seeing he was rich, decided to do something with which to earn honor and increase estate: and as he had news that they found lands to the north, he decided to go explore in the direction of that region" Kelley There was however a Jordan River on the coast of South Carolina associated with the exploration of the east coast organized by Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon.

Douglas T. There is no mention of seeking the fountain of youth or slaves, but the patent contained detailed instructions for ability of the gold that he was expected to find in this wealthy new land. The distance given of leagues from Espanola is more than nautical miles, which approximates the distance to the Bay of Honduras in the Solis voyage, rather than the Bahamas or Florida which are less than nautical miles about 60 leagues from Espanola.

Real community forms here because we bring our true selves to every occasion we. The earliest record of a fountain of youth is in the Arabic epic romance of Alexander the Great, known throughout the medieval world from Libya to Syria. In fact both Oviedo and later Herrera made it clear but without foundation that Ponce de Leon was vainly seeking the fountain for his own personal use.

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We have lived more than a hundred years and now you will see us in another guise. Ponce and true love. The logs of both Columbus and Ponce de Leon contain evidence that the Taino Indians in the islands and the Calusa in Florida had knowledge of the sophisticated Maya civilization on the Yucatan Peck ; Peck The title of Adelantado was a vast improvement in power, prestige, and potential wealth over that of a governor.

Gemmlie Trishe Ponce Indab. And it should also be noted that Ponce de Leon had sired four children from his wife Leonor during this period in which Oviedo suggests he was seeking a cure for his impotence.

Ponce de Leon was apparently unhappy with his lot on San Juan and that coupled with the insatiable urge of Spanish conquistadors to obtain more wealth and prestige, he decided to move on to more exciting and profitable adventures. Oviedo was the official chronicler for the Casa de Contratacin de Indias in Seville and traveled extensively in the New World to write his official history.

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A 13th century elaboration of the Letter reports that: "The miraculous spring is located on an island in the extreme meridian of the world, where long-lived people drew from its waters lasting health and renewal of youth" Wright His epic seven months long exploration voyage into unknown waters in which he discovered La Florida set the stage for the European colonization of North-America.

Fontaneda also reported a "migration" of Indians from Cuba to Florida early in the sixteenth- century who he alleged were looking for the miraculous waters sought by Ponce de Leon. The engraving was possibly made from a sixteenth-century family portrait, since lost. Online: Now. Following Oviedo by nearly three decades is the Spanish historian, Francisco Lopez de Gomara, who was the next to mention the fountain of youth in the New World Gomara ; Weddle This interview was originally broadcast on Aug.

It was this same propensity exhibited by Columbus and Grijalva to believe that Amazons were present in the New World, which led other Spanish explorers and historians to believe that the alleged fountain of youth was also to be found in the New World. This river, named Jordan because it was discovered on the feast day of John the Baptist, was probably known to Ponce and true love when he wrote his memoirs.

The old warriors entered the fountain; more than forty-six bathed in it and when they came out they were age thirty and like the best knights.

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Much later, Martyr gave an apocryphal and patently fictitious of a fountain of youth relayed to him by Fernando Figueroa who stated: "A Lucayan servant [slave] called Andreas, says that when his father was broken by age, he left his native island near Florida, attracted by the report of the power of that spring and the hope of prolonging his life. Kelley Jr. A primary factor that supported the legend that Ponce de Leon was seeking a fountain of youth was the mistaken belief that he was an old man at the time of his voyage.

Gold was certainly one of the lesser goals of the voyage, and perhaps the principal interest of the crown, but Ponce de Leon was already an extremely wealthy conquistador and his plantations well supplied with slaves. The Kelley translation and commentary is the most thoroughly researched and accurate of these and includes the English translation adjacent to the original Spanish. 68 posts · Ponce and true love · following · Photo by Gemmlie Trishe Ponce Indab on October 29, Offering hope and model love, as Jesus did, to Buckhead and beyond.

The wonders of Asia and the Middle East and its folklore to include the fountain of youth were also spread throughout Europe in the anonymous and apocryphal Letter of Prester John, which first appeared inand was republished in many versions during the Middle Ages Wright There never was a "Jordan River" in southern Florida and there is no indication that Ponce de Leon was looking for it. Amazon warriors first appeared in Greek mythology when Herodotus in BC reported fierce warrior women called Amazons living in an area north of the Black Sea Davis-Kimball Columbus, who was well read in the early Greek and Arab classics and Marco Polo was quick to interpret the island of "Matinino" as an island of Amazons.

The Super Sad True Love Story Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and nad, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and … The son of a Russian immigrant falls in love with a young woman via social media in a dystopian New York dominated by media and commercialism. However, Oviedo was the official historian appointed by the crown, so his tendentious and unfounded remark has been regarded as authentic which insured that succeeding historians faithfully copied, and embellished this falsehood in all subsequent histories down to the present time.

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Ponce and true love. In an interview with Inverse, Shteyngart shares what it was like to predict the future 10 years ago when he released his semi-dystopian novel, 'Super Sad True Love Story'. Placing the loe spring" or fountain of youth "on an island in the extreme meridian of the world" would point to the islands of the New World discovered by Columbus. The miraculous waters known as the fountain of youth is a Eurasian myth that can be found in the folklore of most ethnic cultures in Europe and the Middle East.

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